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  • Saul Perez


Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The radical views threatening the moral fiber our great country today reveal the satanic nature of many people in power - many of whom we have entrusted with our lives, and who are now attempting to control us in every way. Most Americans agree with freedom and truth and do not wish to impose their views upon the masses - knowing that God created us individually so that we may think that way if we so choose.

Similarly, as with sexual preferences, that is your prerogative. No one has the right to make that choice for you. But, under sound leadership, children are allowed to grow and mature and then decide for themselves, as young adults, how they wish to proceed in their lives, without having satanic influences pushed upon them.

Today, however, satanic discussions are being held in schools and around negotiating tables at the highest levels of those who govern, forcing children as early as age 6 to consider transsexualism; destroying their God-given identity before they can even know it.

Excuse me if I offend anyone, but to entertain such foolish and devilish conversations, one would have to be dumb as fuck... And that is just the truth.

If you have been harboring these corrupt and devilish views about our society and about our children, you should be ashamed of yourself, and you should wish to leave this great country called America – because truly you do not belong.

Please take a moment to read, carefully, what is being proposed, and vote NO on these proposals.

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